Privatus Highlights

Avoid spying and tracking of your personal browsing habits.

Fully automated

After a quick initial setup, Privatus will keep you protected from tracking and online profiling without any further interaction.

Latest technology

Fully sandboxed and compliant with Apple security policies. iCloud enabled and Notification Center for realtime feedback.

Super Intuitive

Easy to setup, no computer science degree required! After a quick install, just set and forget.

Privatus Screenshots

Designed from the ground-up to be intuitive and easy to use.

Browser support - All the browsers supported.

Browser support

Support for all the browsers.

Completely configurable - Simple and Clear non threating Interface.

Completely configurable

Simple and Clear non threating Interface.

Settings - iCloud and Notification Center ready.


iCloud and Notification Center ready.

Privatus Questions

A quick introduction to Cookies, and your right to privacy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are used by websites to store data on your computer, which can be then transmitted back to the server. For example, cookies can store such information as shopping cart contents, login data, search history or browsing history. This data whilst mostly harmless, and even useful - can potentially be shared amongst different websites - effectively tracking exactly where you go, what you search for and creating an online profile of you for targeting marketing.

Why should I remove them?

Because its your data, your privacy! Your browsing habits shouldn't be up for sale to the highest bidder. Company X doesn't need to know you searched for products from company Y three weeks ago. And company Z doesn't need to know you just bought a pair of fluffy pink rabbit slippers from company X. These companies would all argue that it makes YOUR life easier knowing all this information about you. But in reality its just an invasion of your privacy.

Why use Privatus?

Cookies come in a number of different forms: HTTP cookies, Isolated Storage, Local Storage, Databases, IndexedDB's etc... and Privatus takes away the headache of managing all of these.

Just set it and forget it. After a quick 5min setup, Privatus will automatically remove all your private data whenever you close your browser. It couldn't be easier!

What does Privatus support?

  • macOS 12 or better (Sonoma recommended)
  • Apple Silicon, Intel
  • Safari 17+, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera
  • Localized in English, German, Dutch and French


Look like something you want? Great, Buy it for only $8.99 using the buttons below. Alternatively take Privatus for a free 2 week test drive and see if it fits your needs. Just click the Try it button below.

Beyond Privatus

I want even more control over my private data.

Sure thing, if you need total fine-grained control over your online privacy, then take a look at our much more advanced privacy app Cookie.

Cookie extra features

  • Fine-grained data removal
  • More removal schedules
  • Manual data removal
  • Cookie inspection